Hi there. I’ve moved.

Oh man. Remember this site? Me too. It was fun. Sure, I abandoned it twice, but before the first abandonment, I learned how to be pretty mediocre at knitting, and before the second abandonment, I went on a magical journey through the Harry Potter series that was a pretty joyous experience.

Now, I’m getting back into writing, but instead of reviving this blog for a third time, I’ve joined a website founded by a good friend of mine. It’s called Seven Inches of Your Time, and it features writing about all sorts of entertainment. Included is some writing by me, if you’re into that sort of thing, and some writing by people who are much better than me, which I more strongly suggest.

For a taste, here’s a post I wrote ranking notable fictional owls. You’ll notice a lot of Harry Potter influence:


Or check out better stuff, like these suggestions for great TV shows, including a Harry Potter character getting his own series that I desperately wish were real. Or, think about how you can tell your life story using your favorite movies. Or finally, if you just are that into me, here’s Batman fighting an exploding shark.

Thanks, and I hope to see all of you around.