A Challenge Is Born

It began with a superhero.

Dr. Bob Long, the senior pastor at St. Luke’s Methodist Church in Oklahoma City, was talking about getting out of your comfort zone. Trying new things with a positive outlook. Saying things like how the only difference between an adventure and an ordeal is your attitude. Things that would come across as a cliche from anyone else, but that sound like a revelation of wisdom from Solomon himself when spoken by Dr. Long.

You see, I love superhero stories. And I’ve become convinced that Dr. Long was once bitten by a radioactive Confucius. Or perhaps he was born on a planet of Athenas and was sent here on a rocket ship as a baby. I haven’t figured out what his origin story is yet, but SuperBob clearly has powers.

And on this particular day, Dr. Long’s super-powered sermon had me all fired up to try new things. And it just so happened that brochures were out for Wednesday Night Alive, the church’s free semester-long classes that meet once a week. Among the many, many courses being offered for the fall were ones about the historical origins of the Bible or understanding Islam — the kinds of classes that could increase your knowledge and expand your worldview. Intriguing? Yes. But increasing my knowledge and expanding my worldview? I’m in law school; I take care of those tasks by lunch most days. If I was going to get out of my comfort zone, I would have to look elsewhere.

Then I saw another item in the brochure. Knitting. Well, that would certainly be different. I’ve never knitted a stitch in my life. Pretty sure I’ve never even seen someone knit in real life. I kind of just assumed that the concept died out back when television was invented. Who needs to entertain yourself with knitting when you own all three seasons of Arrested Development on DVD? My 21st-Century brain could scarcely comprehend a reason.

And yet, the idea of learning to knit suddenly appealed to me. It would be a kind of challenge I’d never experienced. I’ve never been artistic or created something beautiful out of nothing. My grandmother paints wonderfully and makes gorgeous quilts. My masterpiece thus far has been arranging my green beans into the shape of a smiley face as a child. Unfortunately, my parents made me eat them before the Louvre could be contacted. Truly a grave injustice.

So before I knew it, I had decided to become a 24-year-old first-time knitter. I was enrolled, but immediately filled with doubts. I’m only barely coordinated enough to brush my teeth; how am I going to learn to knit? But as SuperBob said, the only difference between an adventure and an ordeal is your attitude.

This is an adventure.

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